Using our site is very easy!

In almost every case, using our site is done so with the comparison to Facebook and many other similar sites. You can post your status or comments with a page link or just a page link, as well as post photos or videos. The Emoji's are automatically listed with the ':' (colon) and clicking on the one you want to use.

When Posting Links to other sites such as a YouTube Video or another News sites Story Link, do this to make a Neat looking post.
Enter your link. Once the story or the words YouTube appears in the box below it, remove the Link Line you entered, then click Share. It will post the link you posted as a post without all the overhead linkage above your post, making it look neat and clean. You can also write a comment about the post which will appear with your post if you want to. The same goes when posting a Photo.

To post a Photo or any jpg, gif, or png just click on the camera and select what you want to post.

To upload a video just click on the movie cam and fill in the info for it. Then select the video you want to upload and submit it. Once it is uploaded click on share, or if in the Videos page, click Save Video.

To mention a member in any comment or status, use the @ and their name. It will automatically notify them that they were mentioned in the comment.

If you have any problems or questions, just contact News Bug or any Staff member. We'll be happy to help!